21-11-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: U3D 0.6 is OUT (time to change the topic :) )

Several users experienced CRASHES with 0.5. 0.6 dynamically loads the GL library

which fixes the buggy extension loader.

There are tones of new features and changes. See the changeLog.

For the first time, U3D ships with basic network support (Linux/Unix only)

I hope to be able to port the networking code to Windows using the WinSock API

as soon as I have time.

The GLU library is no longer used due to the dynamic opengl loader, so MipMapping

is disabled.

U3D also uses the SDL_Image Library for texture loading.

18-10-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: U3D 0.5 Released

From 0.5 and forth Utopia3D is officially renamed to U3D since I discovered that

Utopia is already in use by Partizan Software for a similar project.

0.5 is totally redesigned and takes advantage of T&L GPUs like GeForce cards.

Due to a failure of SDL to dynamically load OpenGL extensions under Windows,

the Win32 version of U3D comes without Multitexturing and Cube Map support.

The above features work perfectly under Linux.

Check out the brand new demo. There are some collision detection problems but

U3D 0.5 is still a development snapshot....

01-07-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: U3D 0.4 Development Release

Now that I purchased my new GeForce card I was able to do some real improvement in

the engine's performance. My lighting model causes some serious bottleneck on the

Nvidia drivers but it is still faster than opengl lighting on other cards withough HW T&L

The new version uses Vertex Arrays as its core element. Also the quite fancy Progressive

Meshes are introduced for dynamic Level of Detail and faster performance.

This is supposed to be the first stable release. The next version will be released in the far

future unless some bugs appear.

I will now start making a computer game with Utopia3D to demonstrate its capabilities.

25-06-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: U3D 0.3 Development Release

There has been a lot of redesign on the 0.3 release. I am starting to get some really

important and very helpful feedback. Thank you for your support. There is also a

possibilty that Utopia3D will be ported to Java3D :)). More demos are about to come

thanks to NEO (yes, the Matrix Rebel). On 0.3 version I have fixed the bug that made the

demo crash on some systems and among the other features I have included support for

real time shadows. Check the updated demo for some eye-candy.

09-06-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: U3D 0.2 Development Release

Version 0.2 of Utopia3D has been released. 

Many new features added, important bug fixes, new DEMO.

New performance boost (double FPS on demo).


02-05-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: U3D 0.1 Development Release

Version 0.1 of Utopia3D has been released. Note that this a development Snapshot,

meaning that you may experience low performance and bugs. Do not forget to contact

with me if you find something wrong.

Features, Screenshots, Links and Downloads have been updated.

28-03-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: Web Site Update

I have updated the features page and the description of the project.

Utopia3D IS NOT A GAME and there are NOT any Downloads and Screenshots yet. So there 

is nothing wrong with your browser, dont worry :))

20-03-2000 Nikos Vasiliou: Greetings

Web page setup. Sourceforge account initialization.

Welcome to the Utopia3D project.